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Like any other business, ours started with a dream – literally. Our founder was fast asleep one night when he dreamt he was pregnant. All jokes aside, our founder quickly learned that the reason for this dream was deeper and more profound than he could ever have imagined.

Still asleep, our founder was rushed to Tan Tock Seng Hospital, where he delivered his baby and heard a divine voice speak three words that still ring in his ears to this day. “I will provide.”

Awoken with a start and the goosebumps to match, our founder was relieved to see that he wasn’t expecting a real baby. He was, however, impregnated with seeds of overwhelming purpose that had been planted in his mind and heart – and he knew it was his duty to bring them into the world.

Born in 2017, Authentic Point exists to diagnose and treat the critical problems faced by so many businesses worldwide today. From Singapore to London to New York, our inspired team heeds the call of duty to take ambitious businesses off life support by aligning their workforce to skyrocket performance and truly take their organisations to higher ground.

Our Mission: To impact individuals to achieve their purpose and business outcomes.​


Meet The Team​

Fabian Lim

Managing Director Lead Strengths Coach & Training Facilitator

Janet Tan-Chay

Senior Consultant, Clifton Strengths Executive Coach

Alice Lim

Senior HR Consultant & Clifton Strengths Coach

Gerald Ang

Clifton Strengths Coach & Training Facilitator

Sharon Lee

Executive Coach and Training Facilitator

Janis Teo

Project Manager & Training Faciliator

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